Business Mapper
Business Mapper
Business Mapper for prospects who want to:

  • Increase Tax Revenues
  • Plan for Disaster Response
  • Monitor Business Permit Registration
  • Improve services to constituents
  • Identify constituents with special needs
  • Identify Tourism, Trade, Education related facilities and profile the LGU
  • Want a general planning tool for the proper location of LGU assets
  • Monitor Projects

Business Mapper is designed for location analysis. It uses Geographical Information System (GIS) components or digital maps to display information.

Business Mapper helps users visualize the location of resources such as police, fire, evacuation and health facilities to help them understand if resources are deployed in appropriate areas that offer the most impact and coverage.

It is also capable of displaying area-specific data by providing means to filter information based on a political boundary, like a barangay, municipality or a province. This allows city planners to quickly utilize information.

Business Mapper comes with a survey tool called Live Connect. Live Connect is a mobile phone application that enables field personnel directly submit information (Details, Pictures, and Location) from the field. 

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