Kamusta App
Kamusta App


  •          Connect with People

·         Promote the best service by employing the best staff. Improve service based on customer feedback from Kumusta App.

  •          Protect you Brand

·         It takes years to develop a trusted brand and a few unaddressed issues can undo that trust. Protect it by having the information available.

  •           Timely and Actionable

·         Evaluations are summarized in real-time.  Fix issues as they happen.

  •            Security

·         Using reports and analysis, Managers get the real picture of the quality of service as perceived by the most important people, Customers.

  •             Real-time reports 24 hours a day

·         Managers have access to a dashboard with detailed reports 24 hours a day via the web.  Data is retained for 13 months for annual evaluations.

  •              Know the real score of your service quality

·         Through reports, managers get the real picture of the service being provided by staff. 

Kamusta App

Kumusta App is a Service Quality Rating System to revolutionize Customer Service in the Philippines. The app allows customers to anonymously rate the services and service personnel at any company or business at the click of a button.

This is achieved with a basic and user friendly rating system with 5 options: Very poor, poor, average, good, or excellent.